X-Plane® Scenery

This page contains tools for creating scenery for the X-Plane flight simulator.



Tools for creating and editing X-Plane scenery and cockpit objects.


X-Plane plugins.


Scenery Packages

Complete X-Plane scenery packages.


Tutorials and Examples

Walk-throughs, tutorials and example files.

Recent changes

2015/05/24 - GroundTraffic 1.51
Fix for running on case insensitive file systems (i.e. Linux).
Debug route paths are drawn in the Local Map.
Register DataRefs with Data Ref Tool.
2014/09/21 - AutoGate kit 1.61
Added human marshaller.
2014/07/31 - OverlayEditor 2.49
Support for geo-referenced GeoTIFF and JPEG2000 background images.
Support for OSX Yosemite.
Faster drawing of networks.
Misc fixes.
2014/07/31 - X-Publish 1.25
Reports origin of third-party library files.
Support for OSX Yosemite.
2014/05/12 - SketchUp2XPlane 1.70
Fixes for use with SketchUp 2014.
Faster export.
Misc fixes for importing and exporting animations.
2014/04/09 - SketchUp2XPlane 1.60
Fix for complex and non-axis-aligned animations.
Fix for importing objects exported from 3dsMax.
Cosmetic improvements to the animation dialog.
2014/03/09 - AutoGate kit 1.60
Added SafedockT2 DGS.
Cosmetic improvements to Safedock2S DGS.
Safedock2S and SafedockT2 DGSs can display any valid ICAO aircraft designation (when used with AutoGate plugin 1.60 or later), and display “ID Fail” if the aircraft does not have a valid boarding door location entered in PlaneMaker.
Fix animation of the three-tunnel variants of the perpendicular jetways.
2014/03/09 - AutoGate plugin 1.60
Support for DGSs that can display arbitrary ICAO aircraft designations.
Don't sound alert when plane stops at a “standalone” DGS.
2014/02/19 - SketchUp2XPlane 1.59
Fix for “Ground” draped faces.
Only emit a TEXTURE_LIT statement in the .obj file if a _LIT texture file exists.
2014/02/13 - OverlayEditor 2.48
Restores support for MacOS 10.5, Windows XP, and for non GLSL-capable hardware.
Objects can be imported by dragging from Finder/Explorer and dropping on the List of Objects.
Support for “roof objects” and fixes for v8 & v10 Facades.
Misc fixes.
2014/02/09 - SketchUp2XPlane 1.58
Fix for setting a keyframe on a scaled component.
2014/02/04 - X-Publish 1.24
Support for GroundTraffic 1.50.
Support for aircraft Lua scripts.
Fix for running on MacOS 10.8 and later.
2014/02/04 - GroundTraffic 1.50
New “highway” statement for sending a flow of traffic over a highway or bridge.
Objects follow each other over shared route segments.
Objects are labelled with their current state in debug mode.
Faster start-up.
2014/01/12 - SeaTraffic 1.10
Updated route database with ~500 more routes.
Foot ferries have lit windows at night.
Skip ferry/transporter bridges.
Fixed route builder script.
2014/01/08 - OverlayEditor 2.45
Fix for first run on MacOS 10.8 and later.
Less aggressive trackpad zoom on MacOS.
New document icons.
Misc fixes.
2014/01/02 - AutoGate kit 1.50
Added jetways that are perpendicular to the aircraft.
Beacon illuminates while jetway is moving (when used with AutoGate plugin 1.50 or later).
2014/01/02 - AutoGate plugin 1.50
Alert sounds while jetway is moving.
2013/12/17 - SketchUp2XPlane 1.57
Repackaged as a .rbz file.
Improved appearance of animation dialog under IE9+.
Support for ATTR_hard_deck.
Misc fixes.
2013/11/16 - AutoGate kit 1.46
Added 26m, 28m & 30m versions of the Standalone DGSs.
2013/11/14 - OverlayEditor 2.44
Fix for loss of placement precision on opening a scenery package.
Fix for objects on tile borders.
2013/10/30 - OverlayEditor 2.43
Draw taxiway lines.
Fix for Background Image dialog under MacOS 10.9 Mavericks.
Fix for zero-height facades.
2013/10/22 - OverlayEditor 2.42
Support for “deprecated” and “private” library objects in X-Plane 10.25; “deprecated” objects appear under a separate heading in the list of objects, “private” objects are only visible when editing the package that exports them.
Cosmetic & usability improvements to the list of objects.
2013/10/16 - OverlayEditor 2.41
Display distance to adjacent polygon node(s).
Improved usability of network bezier control handles.
Document effect of “number of roads” X-Plane rendering option.
Fix for some 3rd-party library headings in list of objects.
2013/10/13 - OverlayEditor 2.40
Support for editing road & rail networks (v10 only).
Improved support for Lines and Strings.
Support for bezier curves.
Support for Cut / Copy / Paste.
Support for importing objects from the default scenery.
Improved handling of g2xpl-generated terrain meshes.
Differentiate between built-in and 3rd-party libraries in the list of objects.
Numerous bugfixes.
2013/08/09 - AutoGate kit 1.45
Added “straight” versions of the jetways.
2013/08/06 - OverlayEditor 2.35
Added 64bit build to the Windows installer, for editing large memory-intensive scenery packages.
2013/08/05 - AutoGate plugin 1.45
When the user places their aircraft at a “Ramp Start” the aircraft is automatically positioned with its boarding door lined up with an AutoGate jetway, if one is present.
Support for older CPUs under v9 on Windows.
2013/08/05 - GroundTraffic 1.40
Objects can follow over bridges on X-Plane's road and rail networks, and over “Hard Deck” surfaces in static objects.
New “water” statement for routes over water.
Obeys X-Plane's “world detail distance”, “shadow detail” and “water reflection detail” Rendering Options.
2013/06/15 - SeaTraffic 1.00
Updated route database with ~1000 more routes.
Obeys X-Plane's “number of objects”, “shadow detail” and “water reflection detail” Rendering Options.
Prevent ships from starting at the same location as each other.
Framerate improvements.
2013/06/05 - OverlayEditor 2.34
Fix for selection on some ATI hardware.
Fix for error on changing Lock state.
2013/04/29 - OverlayEditor 2.32
Faster loading and navigation of complex scenery packages.
Fix for mouse wheel / zoom gesture.
Fix for mipmap generation.
2013/04/25 - GroundTraffic 1.30
Objects give way to the user's plane and to AI planes.
Support for animating articulated vehicles / semi-trailer trucks.
Add “And” command.
Various bugfixes.
2013/03/25 - X-Publish 1.23
Support for per-aircraft and per-package plugins.
Support for GroundTraffic plugin.
2013/03/21 - GroundTraffic 1.21
Documentation improvements.
2013/03/19 - GroundTraffic 1.20
Fix for Linux.
2013/03/19 - SketchUp2XPlane 1.56
When original texture file is missing, prefer a file with the correct name in the same folder as the model over the texture embedded in the model.
2013/03/18 - GroundTraffic 1.00
New plugin to allow scenery designers to add animated ground vehicle traffic to airport scenery packages.
2013/03/11 - AutoGate plugin 1.41
Disengage on release of parking brake.
2013/03/01 - SketchUp2XPlane 1.55
Fix-up animation positions when a Component Instance is copied.
Fix for animation dialog in models using non-metric units.
2013/02/13 - SketchUp2XPlane 1.54
Add support for shininess (specular level).
Set ATTR_layer_group on ground faces.
2013/02/06 - OverlayEditor 2.31
Draped polygons displayed at the correct default layer.
Polygons don't get to use the legacy "custom objects" automatic path.
Fix for misaligned terrain.
2013/01/28 - SketchUp2XPlane 1.53
Fix for texture on imported objects.
Warn if texture dimensions not a power of two.
2013/01/20 - OverlayEditor 2.29
Improve resolution from ~20cm to ~5cm.
Add object search box.
Mouse Wheel / Zoom Gesture zooms at mouse pointer.
2013/01/15 - OverlayEditor 2.28
Add OpenStreetMap via MapQuest as an imagery provider.
2013/01/15 - AutoGate kit 1.40
Added night jetway texture. Re-modelled glass objects to use it.
2013/01/10 - AutoGate kit 1.30
Added “glass” jetways and re-modelled the “steel” jetways.
Jetways available in multiple lengths.
PaintKit included.
Higher-quality DGS textures.
Improved documentation.
2013/01/10 - AutoGate plugin 1.30
Smoother animation.
64bit support.